Send and receive faxes via e-mail

Fax II is, even today, a tool widely used in enterprises, regardless of the sector they are in. Traditional fax machines, however, may represent real costs for the company: in terms of maintenance and service, the slowness of the processes and the lack of safety in case of transmission of sensitive data. CloudTel’s Fax2Mail of solution through the combination of an email address and a geographic number, is the answer to the problem. The service allows, in fact, to send and receive faxes via email, both in the office and/or on the move, just like email. CloudTel also allows you to keep your actual fax number through the number portability service.


SIMPLICITY: send and receive faxes via email is easy and quick. Just like sending or receiving emails. The electronic format can also be enlarged for easier reading, forwarded to other recipients or directly stored with ease.

SAVINGS: Fax2Mail allows you to send and receive faxes directly from your email faxes, without the need to install physical devices that require technical assistance. With this method you save paper and toner and in addition to the cost of a dedicated line.

RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: innovative technological solutions such as Fax2Mail can actually help to protect the environment. Printing only the documents on paper if it is absolutely necessary, reduces the paper consumption. All other documents can be directly filed electronically.

MOBILITY: using the Internet and email, Fax2Mail are at your disposal even outside the company.

SAFETY: send and receive faxes directly from your mailbox without moving from your desk ensures the privacy of the documents, which can then be stored directly on the computer, away from prying eyes.