Number Portability

If you want to keep your actual number, if you want to reduce phone charges and still take advantage of the Innovative VoIP services, CloudTel offers its customers the chance to make the number portability.


We can make the Number Portability of the following types of lines:

  • Any number of other VoIP Provider
  • Analog single line RTG
  • ISDN Line Single number
  • Multinumber ISDN lines keeping all the additional numbers on the root
  • ISDN lines for DDI 100 or 1000 numbers
  • ISDN lines DDI and Numbering Reduced
  • Primary with 15 to 30 channels and 100 or 1000 numbers

Origin of the ceding operator

Number portability can be requested to all operators.
We remember that you must always provide the correct Migration Code available with operator of origin (Donating) often found in the customer invoice.
The portability is subject to strict rules: all administrative liabilities with the current operator must be settled, there must be no ongoing change applications on the existing line (eg removals, replacements or other types of work) or outstanding invoices (to avoid unpleasant delays in the handover of the number).