Integrated security systems

Security can not only depend on a modern and efficient burglar alarms or access control. The security of environments and workplaces is achieved by integrating the functions of the LAN / WAN, video surveillance and the communication system. The defense systems for facilities containing assets and / or persons are now a necessity. This is valid both for urban housing, for isolated homes, shops, offices, factories, warehouses and places open to the public. Under “defense” today, not only the protection against theft and robbery is intend, but also safeguard of the physical safety, the protection of disabled persons, the controlling of machines and automatisms. Today, even the Legislator recognizes “safety” of public and private places as the primary right of citizens. In this respect, safety systems that integrates video surveillance / CCTV with intrusion detection and access control systems and coupled with the Communication system, assumes a fundamental importance. To respond fully to the security needs of customers it is critical to evaluate and agree an plan together with the customer, defining the crucial points of the project. Next comes the study and the operational requirements and finally, design of the system with the right balance of operational requirements, technical characteristics against the investments required.