Protection Type

What to protect and what type of intrusion has to be monitored and reported? What kind of system should be chosen? passive defense, active defense or methodological defenses?
Different defense shields
CloudTel intends with “External defense shields” barriers in which the intruder stumbles gradually approaching the goal. The external perimeter protection mainly protects the safety of people, instead the internal ones gives people and assets defense. In turn, the internal volumetric protections are designed to protect first of all assets within a specific perimeter.
Strategies to defend people
This type of protection is directed above all to safeguard the physical and psychological safety of the inhabitants of the protected area.
The internal volumetric protection
This type of protection is addressed specifically, but not exclusively, to the defense of assets present in a specific area.
The heart and brain of the system: the control unit.
The control unit is the brain that controls and monitors the entire system. It is also the most expensive and complex element, on which depends the smooth functioning of the system. CloudTel relies on highly professional and certified products with specific approvals.
The criteria for installation and maintenance
Safety: a fundamental concept in everyday life. Safety and security of people who work with you, your warehouse, your store, your office or in your home.
With the installation of a series of highly innovative alarm systems, you will be permanently able to monitor and control. A real “bodyguard” that will allow you to prevent theft and intrusion.