The strategic role of structured cabling

The cabling system is the backbone on which the information and data of the company is running. Since the late 80 the transmission rate has increased on average of 10 times every 10 years, from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps, up to 10 Gbps and beyond. Consequently, the reference standards have been defined accordingly: CAT 5, 6, 7 …
The increase in transmission speed makes active communication equipment more sensitive to radio interference present in the Company. Older systems and low category cables are drastically slowing the performance even if the latest generation terminals are present on the network. For this reason, the quality of the cabling system plays a strategic role in the efficiency of the network and must be renewed in parallel with the level of ICT equipment.

The two elements that affect the performance of the cabling system are:

  • The quality of the materials.
  • The quality of the installation in compliance with the applicable technical standards that ensures a state of the art physical network.

For the customer, it is important to rely not only on a known producer for the material, but especially in such an installation, to rely to a company that is able to control and execute the whole process of design, installation, certification and testing, thanks to the know-how of the staff acquired through certified training held by the producer. Only proceeding like this you can rely on a high-performance and efficient network.