Infrastructure optimization

The analysis and control of the corporate network, to determine if there is room for improvement and identify interventions that can allow the ICT infrastructure to work more effectively, are key elements to improve your operation. Equally important is the question of how the network is vulnerable to external attacks and problems encountered out of the device failures connected to the network. Through its professional services of check-up, CLOUDTEL is able provide in-depth analysis of hardware and software that make up the IT/TLC infrastructure as well as services associated with it. After checking the whole infrastructure, a detailed report is provided to the customer on the state of the art of the Network, and if needed or required, suggestions of any implementation or expansion necessary to bring the ICT system on track, supporting your specific core business. The check-up service includes: checking the network status, performance monitoring of telecommunications equipment, security control systems installed, analysis and verification of the data traffic, the tariff plan, analysis of business continuity, control of “green IT”.