Always operational

Guarantee the correct performance of the ICT equipment intervening in the presence of faults or by making targeted reprogramming anticipating eventual inefficiencies, if requested by contract make on-site technical support through the resident technician, control and manage systems in H24 7/7 mode, implement new releases and new configurations within the maintenance contracts, are the activities included in the technical assistance service of CLOUDTEL. A complete offer of technical assistance services with advanced contractual solution for the most demanding customers are available. is Its team of highly experienced technicians, is able to restore the full functionality of the ICT equipment in a very short time, identifying the problem and solving it either remotely or on-site


In order to ensure perfect efficiency of the ICT-TLC system and respects the SLAs agreed and traceability of the operations carried out by Cloudtel is able to provide customized of procedures.

Contact Center (SPOC = Single Point Of Contact)

  • The function of Cloudtel’s Contact Center is to handle requests between Cloudtel and the customer, collecting and recording all data flow between them
  • Intervention

Intervention request is done through a telephone number dedicated only to customers with a maintenance contract.

  • The service is available during normal business hours.

Hardware maintenance

  • The aim of HW maintenance is the timely elimination of inefficiencies caused by faulty parts or in parts critical conditions.
  • Normally the diagnosis and fault identification is done through remote management.
  • On Site defective parts are replaced or repaired.
  • replacement of all faulty hardware parts of the system as well as digital and analog telephones.
  • Cloudtel has the availability of all the parts and components required for a smooth maintenance in its warehouse.

Software maintenance

  • SW maintenance serves to maintain the efficiency of the operating system according to the standards and specifications of the supplier.
  • made of corrective and preventative manner.

Spare Parts

  • Repair and service of the detected faulty parts are done at Cloudtel’s cost.
  • Management of spare part kits at customer premises.

Preventive Maintenance On Site

  • Preventive maintenance is done according to a schedule defined and fixed with the customer


Cloudtel is committed to providing 24 hours availability throughout the year. On-call service is carried out as follows:
The customer receives a telephone number. In case the customer’s staff needs support, the available technical resolve the problem timely in one or the other way:

  • By connection for remote maintenance, or
  • if necessary on site technical intervention