The compliance of the system

The term testing is generally used to verify the compliance of any component or system to certain predetermined requirements. In the context of system engineering testing refers to a series of operations carried out to verify the correct operation. Only after this test the system will be released for normal operation to the customer. “Electrically” the compliance of the installed system to the safety standards, including the compliance of the project with the tender documents have to be proven. A system is designed from the security and performance point of view, satisfying higher requirements than the minimum requirements defined by IEC standards and UNI norms. Another point to check are the requirements defined in the tender documents. They have to match and satisfy the special request of the tender specifications. This type of verification is commonly defined as acceptance test and certifies the system corresponds to the specification contractually agreed. In public authorities, the term “acceptance test” takes a broader meaning; in addition to technical aspects also the quantity and quality of the materials as well as the contractor’s reserves are part of the final acceptance.