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CloudTel è un System Integrator italiano operante nel settore ICT in grado di progettare, integrare e gestire soluzioni tecnologiche innovative, grazie a competenze specialistiche in ambito Networking, Sicurezza, Unified Communications & Collaboration, Datacenter & Cloud e Application.
Per rendere completa la propria offerta CloudTel è anche un operatore di telecomunicazioni specializzato nella fornitura di servizi a banda larga per il mondo business e quindi, per qualsiasi Azienda che abbia necessità di accesso ad internet stabile e garantito per comunicare con voce, dati e immagini.
Cloudtel ha un progetto di miglioramento continuo in cui relazioni e talenti si sostengono reciprocamente per raggiungere l’eccellenza e la soddisfazione di tutti i propri clienti.
Le esperienze maturate nel tempo, utilizzando nuove tecnologie ed applicazioni e la costante sete di apprendimento, hanno consentito a CloudTel di stabilire partnership con importanti multinazionali operanti nei settori ICT e TLC.

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The Phases of the Project

Design, is the activity at the base of the construction of any complex object, regardless if it is material or conceptual. It is a process that through appropriate use of technical standards, calculations, specifications and drawings, comes to the definition of the procedures necessary for the production of a manufactured article, of a component, of a device or of a service. CloudTel identifies the project as the complex tasks to handle all activities related to each other and de create solutions that meet specific objectives, fixed in collaboration with our client and it’s needs. All this in order to define in the contract the execution policy, control and completion in terms of time, cost and quality of the complete project.
To clearly define the terms of the contract, CloudTel pays great attention to all stages of the design concentrating knowledge, actions, methodologies and tools in the organization and production of specifications (diagrams, descriptions, tables etc) required for the proper execution of material as agreed with customer. For CloudTel in fact fact the main objective is to provide solutions that integrates the best of technology by providing the customer a complete system.
CloudTel applies and practice the warranty and certification procedures proposed by “Assotel”. CloudTel continues to invest to maintain and develop the professional capacity of all its resources. For us following rules and regulations is a distinguishing element that guarantees the quality of the project. CloudTel releases to their customers a clear and comprehensive documentation to guarantee the seriousness and quality of the all the activities done.
OECD in a resolution of 1963 clearly defined “maintenance”: the corporate function to which the constant control of the installations and all the work of repair and general overhaul needed to ensure the smooth operation and the good state of operation of the manufacturing plants, services and equipment, has been assigned. In 2003, these rules were replaced by the UNI EN 13306, which defines maintenance as the combination of all technical, administrative and operational activities, which have to be provided during the life cycle of an entity, intended to keep it, or return it to a state, allowing the installation to continue to complete the task for which it has been installed. CloudTel has always aspired to the above principles, proposing a Maintenance contract and assistance that meet the above definitions.
The ICT / TLC Systems Operation and IP Security is defined as “the set of responsibilities, skills and acts intended to ensure the correct operation of a technological system and / or specific functional units”. CoudTel is not only responsible for the maintenance and control of the systems of its customers in order to ensure the full functionality, but by applying the deep expertise of its pre- and post-sales structure, CloudTel is also able to propose and implement all upgrading activities to ensure over time the protection of the investment of its customers.

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The deep knowledge of technology and the high competence of CLOUDTEL led to the creation of some particularly prestigious solutions, appreciated particularly in light of the added value that the company has been able to supply to its customers. The intervention in short time at the customer site is guaranteed by the wide availability of spare parts.
For these reasons we provide accurate and timely service in H24 mode 7/7.

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