Project Description

It’s History

Torre Galfa is a skyscraper in Milan, designed by the architect Melchiorre Bega in 1956 and completed in 1959. The building was purchased, in the mid-seventies, by Banca Popolare di Milano, using it as a service center and operational headquarters for about 30 years. In 2012, Unipol Group purchased the building with the objective to redevelop and enhance it. The project was designed by the architect Maurice Kanah of Bg & K Associati. The goal of the UnipolSai property, shared with the Municipality, is to convert the tower to a hotel (from floor -1 to floor 12) and residential (from floor 13 to floor 31) with dedicated services and separate entrances. The works began in 2016, for an investment by UnipolSai of around 100 million euros. The rectangular building has a base consisting of a ground floor and a first floor wider than the body. which totals up to 27 habitable floors. Part of the technological systems are located on the last 2 floors, slightly set back from the facade. The underground floors house the remaining systems and parking lots.

CloudTel’s Involvment

As part of the redevelopment project, Cloudtel created all the building systems related to Information and Communication Technology. We wanted to equip the building with the latest generation systems, designed in compliance with the most innovative solutions to ensure the scaling up the use of future technologies in the coming years. The data networks inside the building are designed to guarantee large thruput request in future, the wireless network, with widespread coverage, allows you to communicate with the highest available capacities. Lastly, particular attention was paid by designing the IT structure with the maximum possible redundancy to ensure total and safe ‘business continuity’.