Project Description

It is a complex of two buildings located between via Cantù and via Orefici in Milan that is part of a broad context of transformations that take place in the central area of the metropolitan city, along the axis between Piazza del Duomo and Castello Sforzesco. The redevelopment project included limited interventions, aimed at improving the livability and functionality of the two buildings, without distorting their identity. The larger of the two buildings, on the corner of via Cantù and via Orefici, is connected to the second building, overlooking via Orefici via a covered passage on the second floor.

Type of intervention

Cloudtel designed and created the infrastructure and interconnection for the two building’s digital network. Requesting a high security level due to the type of business, the passive and active components of the buildings network are based on high-performance structured cabling and innovative and reliable active equipment. The particular design of the network, type of caballing and equipment secures safety and reliability of the entire network.