Project Description

The Generali Tower

Headquarters of Generali Group, it is the second tower of the trio in the City Life area. Total of 44 floors plus 3 underground floors, reaches 170.36 m from the Lobby. The maximum torque occurs at the base of the tower being absorbed by the thicker core walls to resist vertical load and wind pressures.
This characteristic was used to obviate a technical need:

  • the fire prevention regulations set the limit of 1000 m2 per floor while each tower building naturally increases its surface as the floors grow due to the reduction of structures and systems. The adoption of tapering allowed, an optimized plan for the entire tower.

CloudTel’s Involvement

Implementation of the structured cabling for the Security system and for the networking of the building. The adopted 50/125 OM4 multimedia fiber optic technology was supplied by the Swiss company R&M (Reichle & De_Massari) Implementation of a specific wiring to service the signals of the Building Management Systems both as regards the interconnections with the Local Area Network, as well as for the interconnections dedicated to the dialogue between the various components of the BMS. To achieve the above, CloudTel made use of UTP Cat.6 cables and on specific electrical cables for alarm signals Cloudtel also built a dedicated wiring system used to support the management of the various elevators of the tower including the installation of the emergency phones.