Project Description

The Environment

It is the most updated and sophisticated residence with living comfort while respecting the environment. The structure consists of 15 floors above ground which house 127 apartments, 6 underground floors. On the ground floor spaces for commercial activities are located. The greenhouses at high altitude that enrich the apartments with livable environments all year round is called “Winter Garden”. In addition, a wellness area including a panoramic swimming pool and gym, complete the residential complex.

CloudTel’s contribution

Designed and built by CloudTel the vertical and horizontal infrastructure for the digital network using OM4 mono and multi-modal optical fiber and cat. 6A copper cables have been used. CloudTel also supplied all the active devices that make up the entire infrastructure of the common parts. The core switches, distribution and access switches, firewall (that constitutes the focal point on which all data traffic converges), and also supplied and installed the WiFi network, consisting of from numerous Access points including a Wireless Controller that manages all of them. The installation and programming of the above-mentioned equipment was also part of CloudTel’s duty.