A wireless coverage for the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino, one of the symbols of Italian football and, above all, the football club of the F.C. Turin.
The plan was developed in collaboration with CloudTEL, a telecommunications service provider in Italy and a Silver member of the TP-Link Partner Program.
The project precedes the creation of a wireless connection, extended to different areas of the sports structure, primarily the area reserved for team staff, including the locker rooms, the offices and the stewart room. The coverage will also reach the press areas, such as the interview room, the press conference hall and the journalist hall, to conclude with the two central tribunes of honor, the journalists’ tribune, the skyboxes and the hospitality areas. Not only that, but the coverage has also been extended to the areas of the playing field, precisely in the areas located behind the doors, to offer such service also to the troupe of photographers.